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Curie & Me!

Since January is my month to take off and refelect on the coming year, I thought it'd be nice to recap the past couple of months. I'll keep it short—I promise. The holiday season was great because Ronnie had time to burn with vacation and literally took off every Friday in November and December, with a few other days in-between. I have to say, I loved having him home for the extra day. We were able to attend to the chores that we normally take care of on the weekend, leaving us two free days together. I think I'm gonna like when he retires. Thanksgiving and Christmas was smaller with our family this year. Some of them gone, I miss my mom so much. And others because of the flu or other illness. But we managed to have a great time with our downsized group and both holidays were lovely. It's funny how you miss someone more during the holidays. I'm not sure what triggers the heightened emotions, but I know most of us feel them.  It was also hard without Cooper, our first Christmas our boy wasn't here to open presents. But Curie decided she'd make up for it and that was sheer joy. She had so much fun opening the wrapping paper and running around the house with new toys and fashion wear. Our little girl has taken a big chunk of our hearts. The Coffee House Tours is getting ready to start another new year of signings and appearances, and that means I need to get going on the schedule. Not fun...but worth it for all the talented authors we have participating. They truly are a great bunch. We'll be having a few special events this year, the first is a partnership with Ethel M Chocolates on February 29th from 1 - 3 p.m. Please mark your calendars and come down to say hi. This is a charity event for a poverty level school, Ira J. Earl Elementary. We'll be collecting supply donations for the full month of February and you'll see our receptacles at Skimos Coffee, Pour Coffeehouse, and Bad Owl Coffee. We'll update any additions on our Facebook page, and also post the list of the supplies the teachers need. In addition, we'll be accepting donations at the event. Another fun activity at the event will be the authors dressed as Kings and Queens, and posing for pictures with the kids. In closing, I wanted to say thank you to everyone on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram, who I had exchanges with throughout the year. There were some dark times in 2019, and I got through them with you by my side. The world can be a harsh reality, thank you again, for making it a sweet dream.

Vicki-Ann Bush

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