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Alex McKenna & The Geranium Deaths

For Alex McKenna, high school is just a distraction from the love of his life, Margaret, with whom he can't wait to spend more time once they get to college.

In many respects, Alex is just an average seventeen-year-old boy...except for the fact he's a transgender medium born from a long line of Strega witches, possessing the ability to communicate with ghosts.

With the help of Margaret and his talented Strega great-grandmother, Alex will learn how to strengthen his abilities. The dead need Alex to help them reconcile issues they left behind—and he finds that he needs them, too. As his abilities multiply, assisting the dead becomes an outlet to channel his new energy, giving him the strength to come to terms with who he is as a transgender male, and how far he will choose to go.

The Garden of Two

Charlie Murphy and Lillie Whitman couldn’t be any more different. His Irish immigrant parents worked hard for the little they had, while Lillie enjoyed all the comforts of wealth as the daughter in a prominent Long Island family. Drawn together by grief, the two overcome class conflict and fall deeply in love, creating a bond that no one can break.
Or so they thought.
When the dawn of World War I comes to their hometown, and personal tragedies threaten their future, they fight to hold on to their love. From the horrors of Germany's front lines to the emotional battle fields fought at home, Charlie and Lillie must find a way to navigate a path back into each other’s arms, and to a very special garden that is their consummate symbol of hope.

The Dusk Chronicles

When a young man turns to dust right before his eyes, Noah Winston is hurtled into the center of a time-bending mystery. In his quest to uncover the truth, he’s driven deep into local legend and discovers a town that vanished over one hundred years ago. As he struggles to untangle the secrets of the past, he meets a family who he must save from the curse and finds himself falling in love. Can he save them from a fate worse than death and find true love, or will time slip away and steal his soul mate forever?

Emma Samson has one goal; to rejoin the world she left behind over a hundred years ago. Cursed by the man who blamed her community for his granddaughter's demise, they remain trapped in an alternate world. Confined to the brief window of dusk, she and her brothers are able to cross the time threshold and travel from the realm in which they are kept prisoner. Utilizing resources of modern day Las Vegas, they gather life sustaining supplies, but must return before dusk falls and night takes their existence. But now Noah is in the picture, and her desire to break the curse becomes unbearable.

Saving A Life

Harboring a secret about the day that changed his life forever, eighty-year-old Walter tries to hide his struggles from his family. Suppressing the pain deep down in his soul, it only pulls him further away from them. Choosing to spend his days alone on the front porch or in front of the television, he disconnects from everyone he loves.

That is until an unexpected connection with a longtime friend, buds into feelings he never thought he could experience again. Struggling with the inner turmoil his guilt nourishes, he fights to hold on to his new love and resolve the pain that threatens to steal away his chance at redemption