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July Celebration & Books!

Many Americans will be celebrating this July 4th with a renewed appreciation of what it means to be able to get together with family and friends. Coming from a year that had most of us barricaded behind closed doors and sharing time with loved ones on the screen of our phones, iPads, and computers, the human touch had been sorely missed.

Now that we're slowly finding a new normal by which we can share visits, dining out, and other outings outside the confines of our homes, we are connecting.

So in the spirit of celebration, your local authors from the Coffee House Tours would like to invite you to come and connect with us this July. We'll be out-&-about at two of our partner locations in Las Vegas. We hope you'll stop by and chat, tell us what you've been up to this past year, how you're doing, and what's new in your life's adventure!

Stay safe, enjoy plenty, and have a beautiful July 4th!

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