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The Best Paranormal Books for Talking with the Dead!

Why am I passionate about this?

Since I was very young, I’ve had experiences with the paranormal. Whether it be a soft graze along my cheek or a spirit standing in front of me, I’ve always been drawn to things behind the veil. Joining the world of the living with the dead comes natural for me, and reading the genres of paranormal and fantasy is like a cup of hot tea on a chilly winter afternoon.

I wrote...

Alex McKenna and the Geranium Deaths

What is my book about?

Alex McKenna is a 17 year-old transgender boy who has the ability to see and speak with the dead. He inherits his gifts from his Italian/American family of Strega witches. 

As Alex grows older, his abilities increase. Acquiring new gifts can be difficult at times but they serve him well when aiding a deceased spirit in need.

I recently joined Shepard, a website designed just for books, authors, and readers to connect. Above is a sample of my page of book picks. It begins with a book from the author and then five of the author's choices. If you'd like to check out my recommendations, and other author selections, please click on the link below.

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