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December Thoughts

Yesterday I took a much needed relax day. Curled up by the fire on my favorite chair, a blanket and Curie, my chihuahua & Yorkie little girl, cozy in my lap. I was in a Christmas movie mood so I decided to put on a Netflix film, 8 - Bit Christmas. An adorable story, I thoroughly enjoyed it. However, I wasn't prepared for the ending and it hit me hard.

I won't put any spoiler warnings because I'm not going to go into detail. I will say it made me reflect on my dad and how much I miss him and my mom. My parents loved the holidays and I truly had the kind of childhood that every kid dreams of. Each year they would go out of their way with decorations, cooking, and presents. They were loving beings who showed my brother and I everyday how much we were adored. When we walked into a room, their eyes lit up and they made us feel like the most important people in the world. I miss that look.

As we all grew older, and they slowed down, I would occasionally find myself reflecting on what it might feel like if they weren't here. Nothing I could ever imagine would prepare me for the true pain of not having them in our lives.

The holidays have become a time of reflection for me...a time to honor their memory and their place in our family. I know they will always be with me, I feel their presence and hold them close to my heart, and I see them everyday. In the exchanges with my brother, a word or phrase from my kids, and when I look in the mirror.

I've had a charmed family life because of them, and I only hope I'm giving to my kids the same love that my parents gave to me. I'd like to share a few photos with you of Joseph & Victoria Guidice, my parents, my confidants, my strength and my light.

May you all have a beautiful Christmas, Yule, Kwanza & New Year's. Stay safe, stay together, and embrace each other.

Love & hugs to everyone!

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