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I love the pic I chose for this blog today. When I look at it, I see people reaching toward the endless possibilities of the world around them.

What if someone came to you today offering a new car. Would you be happy? Hesitent? Afterall, they offered you a brand new vehicle no strings attached, who does that? Who can do that?

I'm finding more and more how cynical we are becoming. And by we, I mean the human race. Not just one culture or region or religion, all of us. Remember when we were kids and someone handed you your favorite candy bar or a new toy? We didn't question the source, all we knew was the pure joy of receiving an unexpected gift. Somewhere along the way, we've forgotten to just be and enjoy. There's an extra whopper in your meal bag, no—chances are it's not poison. Maybe someone wanted to share a good day. Or they saw a car full of kids and figured you could use it. As a world of over 7.5 billion people, we're slowly trusting each other less and less.

Yes, times change and people with it. There is a lot of cruelty in our lives, far too much. But I have to believe the good...the light, will always outshine the darkness. If this post sounds like rambling, it probably is. I've spent the morning sorting through posts about missing children, neglected animals, and forgotten seniors. My level of humanity is on a record low and I need to refuel. So I'm asking you this, for today, say a kind word, offer half a sandwich, share a cookie, help someone with groceries or just hold a door open. Do something positive that will stream out into the universe and change the mood for one person. Good is infectious, and hate can be extinguished. Our lives are forever intertwines, no matter where you're from or live, and we really are in this together. And if someone offers you that cookie or helping hand, take it with a smile, the universe is watching.

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