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Kings & Queens of Education, a success story!

It's been a long road planning this charity event, many peaks and valleys. Yesterday however, made it all worthwhile. From the authors who participated from CHT, to Ethel M Chocolates, to Brian Rouff, from Imagine Communications for creating an awesome press release, to Ronnie Bush, for graciously rescuing us at the last minute with photography, the day couldn't have been any better. The community rallied for Ira J. Earl elementary school, and their hearts swelled with generosity. When you plan an event like this you expect to face some bumps in the road, but ours seemed at times to be craters. The universe heard our pleas for the kids and teachers and answered us ten times over with the huge success we achieved. There aren't enough words to thank everyone involved in this endeavor so I'll simply say are the best representation of how people should treat each other. I love you all for kindness.

CHT participating authors:

Lori Piotrowski

Renee Jean

Cynthia De Boer

Alba Arango

Chris Griffin

Donald Riggio

Jenn Hart

Cindy Orr-Jones

Vicki-Ann Bush

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