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My Perception

Happy 2023 world! Before I share with you my little epiphany that I had this morning, I want to say thank you. I've been so fortunate over the past fifteen years in my writing career because it's introduced me to so many wonderful people. I know it sounds a bit cliché but it's true, knowing I can reach out and just talk on the hard days has meant so much to me. Beyond that however, I truly appreciate your trust in me. To know I can help when you're having a difficult time gives me hope that everything will be okay for both of us.

Now here's my not so mind blowing blast of awareness I had this morning. I stayed in bed later than I usually do, it felt cozy and my body wasn't ready to start the day. When I eventually stepped onto the chill of the oak slats, I quickly slipped on my booties and moseyed downstairs to let the fur babies outside. I usually step out with them and enjoy a shiver of crisp air to get my day going in the Winter months. As I stood in the middle of the backyard it occurred to me it was the first day of sunshine I'd seen in several, and it felt good...needed. This surprised me because for as as long as my memory will take me, I love the ominous blanket of a cloudy day, the darkness of a night sky that winks, and the breathtaking crackle of a swift blade sawing through a charcoal canvas.

Black and white...grey, isn't plain to me. Rather they're the opposite, a complex placement of shadows and hidden beauty that draws my attention and influences my soul. My best days of writing are inspired by the grey of what some people refer to as a dreary afternoon. But for me it's thought provoking. Feeding my imagination like a hungry toddler trying to absorb all the astounding reveal each new day brings. Clouds give me beauty, darkness gives me calm, and when the sky showers us with life I feel inspiration.

However, as I stood basking in the brilliance of gold and orange, I realized that for all the comfort I feel on those grey days we need balance. The ying and the yang to carry us through not only when we need inspiration but when we need hope. That is what I felt this morning. I found myself smiling up at the cerulean blue coated with scattered puffs of white. It brought me possibilities and appreciation for the warmth that brings life to our planet. I chuckled because this small moment felt so big.

That's my truth for today, take it however you choose to see it. I'm feeling happy and for today it's enough.

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