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Join us for a holiday celebration featuring over a dozen authors, and live music by the recording artist, Sorcie Elle, who's original music is also featured on the award winning short film, Alex McKenna: Alex & Margaret's Beginning.

Optional - Palate tantalizing, charcuterie assortment & glass of wine. Charcuterie & wine must be reserved prior to the event, so get your order in today! Charcuterie Plate - $18.00 Charcuterie Plate & Wine - $28.00 PURCHASE LINK -

Please reserve your tickets in addition to prepay if you're buying the charcuterie & wine or charcuterie only variety.

And if sweet treats are your yen, then Shasta's has an assortment of delectable pastries and rich coffee that can be purchased at the event.


Shasta's Sweet Treats and Coffee, 290 E Horizon Dr, Henderson, NV 89015

Saturday November 25th, 4pm - 7pm

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