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Something About Nothing

I sit at my keyboard this morning ready to pump out an interesting blog. There's only one problem—I've got nothing. My brain has put out the Do Not Disturb sign and refuses to cooperate. Usually I panic, anxiety sets in and I find myself furiously searching through my photos for some small spark that could ignite an idea for the usual gabs. However, somehow, not today.

Today I accept that I have nothing to say of any real importance. Instead, I'll get this blog out, finish my promo's and book nods for the day, and robotically go grocery shopping. I have a list to follow, so no thought process there. I'll merely wander down the isles, grab what I need, and come home with little regard for being anything close to spectacular today.

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Don't stress - read the poem "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost. Especially the line" "And I, I took the road LESS traveled by and that has made all the difference". This poem has become an anthem for me as I have refused to become a robot and do what's expected of me by society. And taking the road less traveled has made all the difference to people who I have shared my writing, my art and my music with!

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