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What Did Alex Say?

It's no secret I come from an Italian background. Both sets of my great-grandparents came from Naples, and growing up there was a lot of Italian spoken amongst the family. When I was writing the Alex series, I wanted to hold on to that heritage and share it with you. Unfortunately, all of the family that was fluent in the language has since moved on, and my lessons ceased after I lost my Grandmother. Over the years I've still held onto the thought of one day picking up where she left off, but I know it won't be the same, and I must admit, that holds me back.

In all the Alex books the spells are in Italian, much like the prayers they spoke many years ago. The following verses come from my soon to be released third book, Alex McKenna & A Winter's Night, available December 14th.

I've done my best to translate the spells I've created for this series and I hope you enjoy them.

English version of the spell to unite Margaret with her soul.

I call Margaret back to herself, wandering soul and wandering self, and fragments lacking soul and self. I invite you to come back as one now, soul, self and spirit United: heart, mind and body. I call you through the corridors of time, space and being. Fly quickly home through days and years and seasons and past cycles. Attracted, reunited, invited again, home for warmth, home for love and home for light and comfort. Come back now, be one with Margaret, integrate yourself, soul and spirit! So it is, and so it will be. "

English version of the family’s request to Saint Michael.

St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle, be our protection against the evil and snares of the devil; may God rebuke him, let us pray humbly; and you, o Prince of the celestial host, by the power of God, thrown to hell Satan and all evil spirits who roam the world in search of the ruin of souls.

English version Alex uses to banish the shtriga.

I call to you through the years, past to present have no fears. With my will cast them out, damn their soul to the place of doubt. Eternity of turmoil be there’s to keep, their sins the reward so shall they reap. The passage is open deliver their fate, seal the door with the lock of hate.

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