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Writing On The Hard Days


Whether you're writing a new novel, drafting a screenplay, or editing an existing piece of work, as writers we all have those days where the body and brain sync up raging a war on us that makes it difficult to get the job done.

Today would be that day for me. Gasping for air in the choppy sea of deadlines, premieres, reveals, and rewrites, my brain has decided it's time to retreat—and it's taking my body with it.

Unfortunately, when you're the recipient of an autoimmune disease there are times in your life when you can be a literal prisoner of your own body. Stress, a change in the weather, a change in diet, can all trigger an episode that may last a few days or many times a few weeks. For me, the worst is the effect it has on my ability to relay thoughts in my head to legitimate words on the page. I've been severely struggling with this all morning.

There is no quick fix or miracle pill, you persevere until you can't and then you give in for a while and resume. I should have had this blog done hours ago but here we are, late morning and I've pounded out three paragraphs. Bummer right? Nope!

Over the years I've learned to look at every accomplishment on these difficult days as victories. I'm getting it done. It may take longer, it may be frustrating at times but it's still complete. That's how I write, edit, and function on the hard days. One victory at a time, one moment leading into the next. No judgement.

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